Marina Details

AA Marina
2225 N.E. Indian River Drive, Jensen Beach  FL  34957
Marina/Dry Stack
Updated: 11/29/2005
Season: Year Round
Located on ICW, Indian River  with access to St. Lucie Inlet, Atlantic Ocean.
Phone: (772) 334-0936
Fax:       (772) 334-0953
Lat: 27.231736689475813
Lon: -80.21810173988342
We hope that you have had a chance to stop by and see our progress. The improvements to the marina are coming along very well but it just never seems to go fast enough. Our construction in the south basin will likely not be concluded until some time in April. We are presently taking Dockage Request Applications and have actually developed a waiting list for available slips. Please feel free to provide your information so that we can establish your position on the ever-growing list. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee slips until such time as we have a certificate of occupancy and can occupy the marina. Rack and trailer storage is being handled in the same manner. AA Marina offers Marina Slips for boats 35 to 60 foot in length. Boat Lifts will be available for boats 25 to 35 foot in length.

  • 60' Maximum Length

  • Hookups



  • None

  • Services




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